The Meaning Unseen

Title : The Meaning Unseen
Release Date : May 10, 2005
Label : Contrive Music/Shock
Catalog ref. : CM003-2
Format : CD

2005 showed massive musical growth from the band when their debut album The Meaning Unseen was released. Songwriting development was more apparent than previous releases, even experimental elements of world music from the influences of traditional Japanese Taiko drumming was revealed. Contrive were also the first ever Australian act to enlist the production services from the legendary Fredrick Nordstrom at Studio Fredman, Sweden.

1.By Way Of Choice
2. Prepare To Fall
3. A Vigil For The Lost
4. At Ease
5. Shifting Focus
6. The Meaning Unseen
7. Beside Yourself
8. Todoroki
9. Divided
10. Communion